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To scale your business you also must upgrade your mindset

Scaling your business isn’t as simple as just focusing on the business. Our Growth Coaching ensures your health and family are upgraded simultaneously.

But the odds aren't exactly stacked in your favor...

  • Nearly 85% of CEOs are estimated to struggle with perfectionism
  • Approximately 65% of entrepreneurs face uncertainty
  • Over 70% of leaders report frequent distractions

However, the game-changer I discovered is this – you don’t have to face these challenges on your own. With personalized 1:1 coaching and weekly accountability, you can overcome perfectionism, master your focus amidst distractions, and manage uncertainty with confidence.

I’ve walked a mile in your boots

Facing the challenges of business leadership is a journey I know well.

Overwhelmed by constant work and ambiguous achievements, I realized the need for a significant change.

I embarked on a transformative journey of self-improvement, diving deep into leadership psychology, neuroscience and the dynamics of successful habits.

This involved extensive reading, forming connections with seasoned entrepreneurs, and earning a coaching certification under the mentorship of renowned self-help expert Bob Proctor.

This path of learning and growth brought remarkable changes. It wasn't just my business that improved; my health and family relationships blossomed too. Surprisingly, by doing less, I started achieving more. I learned to face challenges with unwavering focus, maintaining success against all odds.

Over the years I’ve achieved notable milestones. I've advised CEOs of major businesses and played a key role in scaling a commercial beyond $25 million for Canada's biggest landlord. These experiences have equipped me with unique insights into business growth and personal development.

Now, my mission is to support and mentor CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs. Having overcome challenges and simplified complex business scenarios, I'm here to share these valuable lessons.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of your own? I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. Together, we will navigate your path to success.

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Here’s What You Can Expect

While most business and coaching programs for CEOs narrow in on scaling the business alone, I help you scale three essential pillars. Your health, your relationships and your business. To achieve excellence, you must optimize all three.

Become an Excellence Achiever

Here I provide training in evidence-based peak performance principles, enabling you to achieve your utmost potential. Our approach is comprehensive, ensuring success not only in your professional life but also in your health and personal life.

Become a Remarkable CEO

In your journey, you've recognized the need for a mindset shift when transitioning from a founder to a CEO focused on scaling. When we team up, I'll unveil the strategies that enabled me to scale a commercial portfolio to $25 million with a team of just seven individuals.

Scale Your Business

Scaling a multi-million dollar business isn't just about growth; it's about aiming for 10x, embracing simplicity, practicing patience, and measuring what truly matters. These principles might seem counterintuitive, but they are the keys to scaling your business like never before.

It’s Your Time To Scale Your Business & Buy Back Time For Your Family

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What Other CEOs Have To Say

“My focus is concentrated and my future is incredibly clear.”

Dan's intervention has led to some really dynamic changes in my life. My focus is concentrated, my reality is vivid and my future is incredibly clear!

Walter Aiello

Founder, Colosseum Online

“Deep understanding of strengths and weaknesses.”

With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dan has helped me cultivate a deep understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. Through our work together, I have grown both personally and professionally.

Andy Fickett


Fickett Structural Solutions, Inc

“More self-confident and I got 10 hours a week back.”

Dan has helped me to be more self-confident and I got 10 hours a week back.

David Henzel